Panel Installation


Before installing your solar-sells energy system, you'll need to prepare your property for the installation. Ask yourself the following questions:

Do you have a south facing roof, or property with no obstructions or shadows (such as trees or mountains?)

Shade from trees significantly reduces your power generating capabilities. In addition, roofs and properties that do not have south-facing orientations are at a disadvantage to harness the power of the sun. Cabins situated deep in valleys also have a reduction in the time that sun is available.

Where do you envision mounting your solar panels?

There's no right answer to this question. Ground mounts give more flexibility to the location of the panels on the property. However, security and the desire for a good-looking array on the roof may prompt you to consider a roof mount.

How much room do you have on your roof or property for solar panels?

Each solar panel is 1 X 3 ft ( 15W @ 12V) Depending on the number of solar panels in your system, you just have to multiply the number of panels required by the area of the each panel and compare it to your available roof or property dimensions. These measurements at this stage are rough.

Do you have spare room and access to an outside wall for the battery storage System?

Plan on the batteries taking up the size of a small deep freezer. Depending on the size of your battery bank, you'll want to ensure you have enough floor space available. In addition, a vent to the outside wall will need to be installed to safely carry battery fumes to the outside.

Do you have space available on your wall for mounting system modules (plan on approximately 3 square feet of available space)?

modules are much smaller and lighter weight than other power systems. This feature allows convenient mounting on walls with common 2' x 4' studs. The controls and breaker panels for your system will likely take up less space. For the most flexible wiring options.

What is the desired target for installation?

The final install time is Dependant on the actual location and property.

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