Solar Technology

Bright sun at beachWhy not make use of the most abundant energy source available and charge the batteries of your 12v electrical device through solar panels. The solar panels begin working immediately once the sunlight hits them, absorbing the light and converting it into electricity to charge the battery.

Solar panels are no longer the secondary technology that we may remember from a decade ago.

Developments in product design and efficiency mean that today, Solar Panels are a mainstream power source that can be used for many applications, both fixed and portable. Our growing range of Solar Panels and Solar powered devices may well surprise you in their scope and flexibility. Please browse our range and feel free to Email us here if you need advice or assistance.

A simple calculation to help you estimate the approximate size of solar panel/s you might require.

First multiply the Solar Panels wattage by 3, 4 or 5 (Hours per day charging in the Sun). This will give you an idea of the number of watts you can expect from that panel per day. Now multiply the power consumption (Watts) of the appliance you wish to run, by the number of hours per day that you use it and compare the results.

Solar Charger/ Power Supply fits all gadgetry - mobile phones, mp3 players, walkman, mini-disc, digital camera, PDA, in fact any electronic device under 7.5V!